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Difference EngineWho needs premium? - Octane.

14/03/2001 · Is the recommended 91 AKI same as 91 octane gas? At some point during the month of August the Roadfly forums are going to become archive only. This means that the ability to write new posts and access various member features will go away. Most states do not mandate certain standard gasoline grade octane ratings. In the United States and Canada, octane ratings are in AKI, commonly shown as "RM/2". All states require gas pumps to be labeled with the correct octane level and nearly all states.

17/09/2012 · In Europe, the octane rating on the pump is simply the RON figure. America, by contrast, uses the average of the RON and the MON figures, called the AKI anti-knock index. Thus, 97 octane “super unleaded” in Britain is roughly equivalent to 91 octane premium in the United States. Sort of. You can definitely get an intermediate mix by blending different octane rating gas, but I don’t know if it scales linearly my guess is that the difference is small enough in this range that it’s approximately linear. It doesn’t really m. 17/11/2017 · The AKI measures lower than the RON, but it’s a little more accurate. As you might expect, things get a little more complicated from here on out. For one thing, simply putting in the highest octane number there is doesn’t have any real benefits if your car isn’t designed for it.

28/05/2009 · RON Octane Rating x 0.95 = AKI Octane Rating 98 RON Octane x 0.95 = 93.1 AKI Octane US measure 100 RON Octane x 0.95 = 95 AKI Octane US measure So, as you can see the 93 or 94 octane fuel we are all paying an arm and a leg for is actually quite comparable to the higher octane fuels found in Europe and Japan. 16/11/2016 · In Europe, 95 and 98 octane are the two most common grades; in Japan it’s 91 and 96/98 octane. In the USA, the fuel grades range between 87-91octane. Australia mostly uses 91 or 95 octane. No mention of the fact that they aren't comparing things equally I doubt they even know the difference by the rest of the article. 28/07/2008 · all the pumps here have a rateing in "octane" I am trying to convert the various "octane" numbers eg 89, 91, 94 octane numbers on pumps to the recomended min gas rateings for our 12V eg. 91 AKI CLC or 95 RON ROZ trying to translate this AKI or RON number to a Octane number. EDIT>> after reading your above post. so AKI is the same. Octane number, Octane rating or octane Could refer to any of the above, if you can work out which country the article was written in you should be able to work it out. With a modern engine management systems you are unlikely to hear engine knock even if your fuel isn't fully meeting your engine's octane.

08/04/2011 · The manual of my brand new Camry LE says: Fuel type Unleaded gasoline Octane rating 87 [Research Octane Number 91] or higher The brackets are confusing. Does that mean I can use 87 or it must be 91? Thanks. Using a lower-octane grade petrol than that recommended by the manufacturer risks long-term damage to the engine of older cars. So, there is a chance that using a low-octane fuel in an engine that requires a higher octane will damage the engine, whereas there is no harm in using a higher-octane.

Fuel Octane Numbers, Explained autoTRADER.ca.

10/12/2017 · So I found a local gas station who has ethanol free gas but it's 91 octane. I'm thinking about switching my outboard 90hp boat, push mower and tractor to ethanol free. Is it worht the extra cost of 91 octane? Doesn't really matter for the tractor and the push mower as it won't be that much more, but it's the boat. I want to keep the engine. The recommended octane level for most vehicles is usually octane 87, but be sure to check your owner’s manual. Some car models have high-compression engines, which are designed to utilize octane levels of 89, 91 or higher. Ordinarily, your vehicle won’t benefit from using an octane higher than your owner's manual recommends. 18/01/2015 · Five vehicles tested to see if premium gas actually performs better. Every vehicle is tested with both 87 and 91 octane gas, though all of the vehicles recommend using premium gas. There's a car from Europe, the US, and Asia. Some are turbocharged with direct injection while some are naturally aspirated and port injected. Shell has.

Fuel octane ratings explanation and compared.

10/06/2019 · When it comes to gas, you can choose between a lower octane gas or opt for a higher octane rating. Two common octane ratings are 87 and 91. The main difference between 87 and 91 octane gas is just the additive that they add to it. They are.

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